It all started when…


Traditional Italian jewellery techniques are the inspiration behind Giada Giachino's design process. Every collection starts from the roots of Italian jewellery: the hand of master craftsmen who exquisitely carve shells and corals into cameo pieces. We work actively with historical workshops in Torre del Greco, Naples (IT) and Marcianise, the world centre for cameo carving. 

We believe that a more sustainable future is possible, and let our design practice to be driven by this value. Therefore, we decide to apply the millennial carving techniques to alternative materials, instead of the high-impact coral and shells usually utilised in jewellery: the by-products from the jewellery workshops and the food industry. Our practice re-imagines through sustainability the aesthetics of the cameo carving techniques for a contemporary market place.


Our signature materials have all marine origin, and are featured by the uniqueness that just Nature can conceive. We investigate the texture and the mechanical features of the shells, that we select from the best batches, and we design respecting and enhancing the inner qualities of the piece of shell.

We embrace the natural flaws and diversity of every bit the shell has developed with time, celebrating its history.

As a result, every piece is considered a unique in its series. 


Once that the material is chosen, we add as little design as possible. We believe that every piece has to speak for itself, for the quality and journey that have allowed its production. In this sense, we iterate every piece multiple times in order to take off from it the unnecessary, the temporary, leaving only the genuineness. 

Our final target is to make our customers happy to wear our tradition and ideas. We believe that every piece of jewellery has to facilitate its closeness to the body, and at the same time enhance the individuality of the wearer.