Challenging the traditional art and design production with exploration and innovation: this is the basic idea all the projects presented in Degree Show Two originate from.

Promoted by the Central Saint Martin and held from 22nd to 26th June 2016, the event introduces seven inter-disciplinary programmes, each one showing off some leading projects: clearly, the Jewellery and Textiles section could not deny Per Inciso its importance in the sector.

CSM News presents the long material journey, insisting on the need of the Cameo industry to find a solution to the lack of contemporary cameo design and the danger, unique Italian-based techniques are going through.

The creation of a process you can colour wasted mussel shells with, and the following discovery of a flexible resin you can incorporate it within, has been the breakthrough Giachino has landed to.

Per Inciso provokes you to meditate that whatever the idea or the material is, you can display your project to the world: the value is not the final outcome, but the process itself.

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