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It’s no secret that I am passionate about fashion and style. The creativity, craftsmanship and emotion generated by a coveted garment fascinate me. The same is true about jewelry but in this case my journey has been an interesting one.

You may have noticed that I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. This is not because I forget to, don’t have any or don’t like to adorn myself. In fact, I can still remember a time when leaving the house without earrings, a bracelet and a few rings to top it all off was unthinkable. I loved wearing all sorts of trinkets: big, small, precious or costume, it did not matter. Whenever I loved a piece, I wore it to death and with costume jewelry that death came rather quickly, unfortunately.

Then something changed. I can’t explain what happened in detail but my appreciation for the craft grew. Now, I gravitate towards pieces that have a story: the story of a vintage piece or the story of the artisan who made it. I like knowing that each bauble I wear somehow carries greater meaning because it was handmade by a designer I met or helped a family in a remote village or is from an era which precedes my birth. I also treasure pieces that are special to me such as my namesake necklace. I cherish it because it was given to me by my mother who had it designed uniquely for me.

Now, the space on my fingers, neck, earlobes and wrists is reserved for pieces that are crafted with intention like Giada Giachino‘s jewelry. I am excited to introduce you to her studio just in time for the holidays because from the first moment I saw Giachino’s creations, I was mesmerized. She is a jewelry designer and graduate from Central Saint Martins. Her design studio is located in Italy where she creates her outer-worldly rings, chokers and cuffs. When I saw them, I felt transported into another universe full of mystery and beauty. I had a visceral reaction to her designs and instinctively wanted to have one. I kept asking myself: “How did she make this?” Giachino later explained to me that her pieces are made from shell bi-product, resin and sterling silver using a technique which has been around for ages: Italian cameo carving. Her goal is to modernize the use of Italian cameo carving while remaining faithful to its tradition by working with historical workshops in Torre del Greco, Italy. She is applying the craft to new materials and pays particular attention to the sustainability of her process by using low-impact materials such as shell by-product.

Her leading collection is called Per Inciso which is Italian for ‘To be engraved’.

THE CONSCIOUS – Sustainable luxury.

Giachino is dedicated to creating jewelry from natural resources without harming the environment. Her materials are from marine origin but are not sourced directly from the ocean but from jewelry workshops and the food industry. She is dedicated not only to the craft but also to the earth hence why she is using shell by-product from the best batches available.

THE CHIC – Naturally unique. 

“We embrace the natural flaws and diversity of every bit the shell has developed with time, celebrating its history.” – Giada Giachino

Each Giada Giachino ring, choker and cuff is one-of-a-kind because every shell is unique. Giachino embraces the flaws in the shells and makes them beautiful. Her approach to design is minimalistic and applies as little changes to the materials as possible.

I feel like a walking work of art when wearing her pieces. They have so much character, depth and personality. They can enhance a simple look or complement a fancy piece like the vintage fur jacket I am wearing in this post.

If you want to gift or own jewelry that is innovative, captivating and honors a beautiful tradition that has been around for centuries and will be here for centuries to come, Giada Giachino jewelry is the perfect choice.

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