Boké Bangle

Boké Bangle

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Frantuma is a jewellery collection investigating the traditional coral jewellery production, to understand how sustainable approaches can reframe it for the contemporary marketplace. The aesthetic of the collection is inspired by the history of coral, a material broadly used from ancient times and common in different cultures, from Europe to Asia, to South America and Africa. The title of the collection refers to the by-product of the jewellery production: the raw material need to be cleaned before being carved or shaped in pearls and cabochon. All these small shards of coral form the frantuma, a material that is usually applied to traditional medicaments and luxury cosmetics The collection imagines a future where precious coral is excited and frantuma is re-instated in the production and used in shaping jewellery pieces that preserved the same symbolic and artisanal consistency. The Frantuma collection is made of coral by-product, sterling silver and 18 k gold plated sterling silver.


The Boké Bangle is inspired by the Corallium Elatius species. This type of coral is known as Cerasuolo in Italy, it is generally red but can tend to orange with strong markings. It is found in Pacific waters around Japan, Taiwan, Okinawa, Philippines at depths from 150 to 400m. Much cherished “angel skin” (also called Boké- varying shades of pink) types of coral stem from coralium eliatus.

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