Per Fabrica Hoops

Per Fabrica Hoops

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40x40x10 mm

The Per Fabrica Hoops are truly yours!

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Per Fabrica is a jewellery collection investigating the imaginary of the
coral jewellery production, to understand how innovative materials can
reframe it for the contemporary marketplace.
The aesthetics of the collection is inspired by the sphere, the most
difficult cut in the coral production. The Fabrica is a specifc range of
techniques applied to the raw coral in order to get cabochon, spheres
and fndings. Torre del Greco (Naples) is the world centre for the production of coral fndings, that are exported mainly to China.
Every year the workshops in Torre del Greco Produce almost 3000
tons of semi-fnished products in coral.
Per Fabrica focuses on the re-introduction of a by-product from the
food industry, the lobster shell, in the jewellery industry. Every year
more than 8000 tons of shellfsh waste is thrown away, and very little
can be done with it. Can design be a mean to re-contextualize this
Using an innovative yet secret process, developed with the Lobster
Institute and the University of Maine, the shell is turned into seven colours, that recall the main coral production centres: Capri, Pompeii, and
Volcano, that symbolize the spirit of the Italian craftmanship projected
into the future.

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